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General dentistry and dental hygiene

We understand the importance of family and strive to provide dental care that caters to all ages.


Whether it's your child's first visit to the dentist or regular check-ups for adults and seniors, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every member of your family enjoys optimal oral health. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff create a comfortable environment where patients of all ages feel at ease.

Preventative Dentistry

At Linden House Dental Practice, we care just as much about future-proofing your teeth as we do about fixing them. We will keep your mouth healthy and provide you with expert advice to prevent oral health problems before they arise, saving you money on expensive restorative treatment later down the line. 

We stand by the tried and tested motto that ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ Many severe dental conditions result from poor oral health – preventative dentistry acts as early intervention, keeping your mouth healthy and reducing your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, mouth cancer and tooth loss.  

Regular check-ups and hygiene appointments, at a frequency tailored for your health needs, are the best way to keep your mouth in great shape. We will look for early signs of gum disease and tooth decay during your routine appointment, alongside discussing any oral health issues and screening for mouth cancer. Our hygienists will give your teeth a thorough clean and polish to eliminate the plaque and tartar build-up, leaving your teeth fresh and sparkling!

Preventative dentistry is a joint effort – what you do at home is just as important as what we do in the surgery! We'll give you tips on brushing, flossing, and your diet to help you maintain a healthy mouth in-between check-ups and hygiene appointments. 

Keeping your mouth healthy

Although regular check-ups and hygiene appointments are fundamental to your oral health, there is a lot you can do to keep your teeth and gums in good condition between visits. Brushing, flossing and interdental brushing twice a day for two minutes should be a staple part of your routine to remove plaque before it hardens into tartar and causes gum disease.


Try to cut down on sugary and acidic foods as much as possible; if you consume them, wait at least half an hour before brushing to protect your enamel. When you brush, make sure to use fluoride toothpaste to defend against tooth decay. 

Hygiene and Air Polishing

Dental examinations alone aren't enough to future-proof your mouth, and we encourage you to visit our hygienists also. A great way to remind yourself is by scheduling your hygiene appointments and routine examinations together.

We are proud to offer one of the latest teeth cleaning innovations: Air Polishing. Unlike a regular scale and polish, Air Polishing works by disclosing any plaque and tartar on your teeth with a blue solution before removing them with a gentle jet of water, air and powder particles. It is an effective way to combat stains caused by coffee, red wine and tobacco - leaving your teeth whiter and brighter. We choose Air Polishing cleaning because it is quicker and more gentle than other methods, making for a more comfortable experience in the chair – especially for those with sensitive teeth and gums. 

Dental plans

Minor dental problems can become more severe in a short amount of time. Where your oral health is concerned, it’s never worth leaving it until later – you should always visit us at the recommended interval for a check-up and hygiene appointment. Failure to do so means you’re more likely to need more extensive, invasive and expensive treatment later in life. 

As essential as frequent trips to the dentist are, we know they aren’t affordable for everyone. At Linden House, we are committed to maintaining your oral health in the most effective and accessible way possible. To help spread the cost of your care and make regular examinations more manageable, we offer Denplan membership. The plan is tailored to your specific dental needs.

Children’s Dentistry

Limited NHS spaces are available for children's free of charge appointments. Please contact us for more information.

You should register your baby with a dentist before they reach six months of age, around the time their first baby teeth begin to erupt. Like adult patients, babies and children need a check-up every six months unless instructed otherwise by their dentist. 

Visiting the dentist from a young age encourages robust oral health habits in children, preventing them from developing dental anxiety later in life and encouraging them to get regular check-ups into their adult life. The result? Healthy teeth and gums for the foreseeable future. 

Tooth decay in children not only causes pain and infection, but it can even stunt your child’s growth and affect their speech - this is why they must see a dentist as early as possible. During your child’s appointment, we’ll carry out an extensive examination of their jaw, teeth, gums and bite.

We will check for misalignments to see if your child needs orthodontic treatment and also for plaque, tartar and stains. If need be, we will give your child’s teeth a very gentle clean and apply preventative treatments, like fluoride varnishes, that ward off tooth decay and help keep their teeth and gums healthy for life. Lastly, we will educate you and your child on the correct way to brush little teeth and give you oral health tips like brushing and which foods and drinks to avoid.

Visiting the dentist can be frightening as a child or an adult! Our skilled clinicians have years of experience treating young children – we will do everything we can to make your little one feel comfortable during their appointment and familiarise them with the experience.


If it’s your child’s first visit, you could try settling them beforehand by practising some dentist role play, reading books about teeth and explaining what it’s all about in a positive way. 

Children's Dentistry
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