Graham Murray – GDC Reg. 47751

Graham Murray – GDC Reg. 47751

Principal Dentist

Born in Accrington, Lancashire, Graham remembers always wanting to be a dentist from an early age working with his hands and making models.

Harrogate Dentist, Graham’s father was an engineer who actually patented the design for the high speed diamond drills that are now used in dentistry. He also researched ultrasonics and developed a needle free pressure gun injection system; quite a gift to the dental industry. Graham used to write up his fathers experiments during school holidays and it is probably not surprising that a successful career in dentistry ensued.

After qualifying in Leeds in 1974, Graham returned to his home in Lancashire to work in a busy NHS Dental Practice. During that particular decade, teeth were usually extracted instead of being saved and it was during this period Grahamworked hard to offer more advanced restorative services to his clients. NHS patients were actually only allowed one plastic crown and one denture every five years unless they chose to go private. How times have changed, not only from a technical point of view but also costs – a course of dental treatment was £3.50 and dentures were £7.00.

Over the following 14 years or so, Graham’s early restorative techniques evolved naturally into cosmetic dentistry satisfying a new smily culture as people realised that a great smile comes from an attractive set of teeth. Graham also introduced an American patented technique of making partial chrome cobalt dentures without damaging remaining teeth – this Equipoise technique is still in use at Linden House today.

In 1988 Graham crossed the pennines to Yorkshire to take over the Harrogate Dental Practice from Ted Kirkby and used the opportunity to develop the dentist’s skill set and introduce his cosmetic expertise. This culminated in the Linden House expanding to its current size.

Graham has now retired from clinical work to assist and manage his 5 excellent associates and maintain a high level of service and quality control. This allows Graham to pursue his love of sailing and racing classic yachts in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Windermere.