Is your Dentist a Life Saver?How your dentist could save your life.

There has always been a suspected link between gum disease and heart disease. A new study has now revealed that the state of your teeth and gums can have a serious impact on your overall health.

Gum disease is linked to a raised risk of heart disease and strokes. There are also links to diabetes, premature births and obesity.

At Linden House Dental Practice we have long recognised that more teeth are lost in adults through gum disease than tooth decay and we strive to pass this message on to our patients. We reccommend 6 monthly visits not just for teeth but also to screen your mouth for gum disease. We also offer frequent visits to our hygienists should any problems be detected.

The Probe, the leading monthly dental magazine,  has probed the link between gum disease and heart disease and has found other links between bacteria entering the bloodstream and a blood clot forming protein. The industry magazine firmly believes that there is now sufficient evidence for dentists to start a dialogue with their patients about the possible risks of poor gum disease for systemic health.

This is backed up by major recent widespread research journalism and backs-up our own thoughtshere are some recent press quotes:

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